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A Nurturing and Creative World for Your Child

Do both you and your spouse work? Your little one is very impressionable at the tender age. Give your kid the best by enrolling him in a very conducive place to grow and learn together with other children and caring staff at child care servicing Casula. Childcare is a place where your child will be loved, educated and cared for in a nurturing and safe environment. We at child care servicing Casula provide hands-on learning experience where play offers the tool to build critical thinking and foster social, emotional and physical development.

We are a team committed to giving children aged six weeks to 6 years the brightest possible start. We provide early learning and care that’s shaped around each child in the art learning environment. We create an environment that encourages kids to grow and learn. Every child’s world will expand every time they cross or step or roll into a child care classroom.

Child care centre servicing Casula – Why Us?

At child care centre servicing Casula, we are committed to providing the best programmes, nutrition teaching methods and above all the highest level of personal care to every single child in our childcare. We see children as capable and unique individuals who come to our service with their own skills, interest and ideas. We value the positive relationship that we build with each child in our care and with their families.

Each child is treated as an individual. We introduce materials, situations and activities that enhance their physical, social, emotional and intellectual level of development. We foster a sense of accomplishment and pride in each child, teaching awareness, appreciation for themselves and love for the environment.

Our amenities:

  • Three large and well-researched activity rooms
  • Fully landscaped outdoor playground and play equipment
  • Peaceful, shaded and secure outdoor environment
  • Full range of new resources, updated regularly
  • Qualified chef providing hot meals regularly
  • Unique aesthetics in a warm home-like environment
  • Day-book for each room showing children’s daily activities and more…

Enrol your child now to experience excellence in early childhood education!

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